Mother Jones Asked Trump Voters ‘When Did America Stop Being Great?’ The Responses Will Leave You Stunned


A few blocks away from the Republican National Convention, the America First Rally was being held on the banks of the Cuyahoga River. Initially, the rally was being sponsored by a white nationalist group, but after some bad publicity, the rally moved on with new sponsors.

The rally was instead sponsored by conspiracy theorist and radio show host Alex Jones and Trump adviser Roger Stone. Trump enthusiasts gathered at the rally to listen to speeches from the sponsors and a variety of far right-wing guests.

As reported by amNY, the America First Rally was only sparsely attended by a few hundred people, mainly to see Alex Jones, of the conservative website Infowars. Infowars has in the past claimed that the Newtown shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School was faked to support gun control legislation and that 9/11 was an inside job.

The speeches covered a variety of topics. Wayne Dupre, a Black conservative talk show host, told the almost completely white audience that the polls showing no support for Trump among African Americans were false. Also speaking was Ken Crow, former president of the Tea Party of America.

The crowd was a surprisingly mixed bag of both young and old. According to MediaMatters, the event was previously sponsored by a White supremacist website called “Eternal Sentry.” It was produced by a former Citizens for Trump staffer, who resigned from his position after word of his association with Eternal Sentry got out.

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America First Rally Poster

Mother Jones spoke with a number of Donald Trump supporters at the America First Rally on Monday. Reporter James West had one important question on his mind: When did America stop being great?

Trump’s catchphrase is “Make America Great Again” — it’s on all the hats — and West wanted to know what made these people feel like America was no longer great? And how did it happen? Some of the answers are as sad as they are disturbing.

From one Erie, Pennsylvania Trump supporter:

‘I don’t think America stopped being great — America is, in my opinion, the greatest nation in the world still. But America has a lot of problems today, and I think America is on track to lose a lot of its freedoms.’

A middle-aged woman in attendance said that she started “noticing things” about 30 years ago. She told West that she was in the medical field and that she’d seen a lot of foreign doctors brought in from overseas when there were:

‘so many U.S. kids that were trying to get into medical school … we have been overlooked with all these special interest groups getting their way. We’ve kind of been brushed to the wayside. And we’re the mainstream. I was born and raised in this country.’

Rhonda Lee Welsch from Hawaii said:

‘Our country’s at a crossroads. We need to show support for the people who are speaking and giving us a voice. And I believe Donald Trump is trying to do that.’

Welsch also discussed her fear of wealth redistribution:

‘We love prosperity. We like to work. We like to share our prosperity with the people that we choose to, not people that the government tells us we have to give it to.’

‘That’s my freedom, my money. My hard work. My labor. I can do what I want with it. And we want that freedom back.’

When West asked Welsch who was trying to take freedom away from her, she replied:

‘The so-called leaders — which I call misleaders — who pretend to defend your rights. And every time you wake up in the morning, there’s another news story that tells you that another one of your rights has been violated. How your First Amendment rights are being violated. How I can’t say something to hurt your feelings.’

‘If you were gay and you were a Muslim — because that’s what they’re saying now. All the sudden, all of the shooters are gay and they’re Muslim. Really? How can you be gay and a Muslim and expect to come to America and be free?’

‘Because that’s an oxymoron.’

On a lighter note, caught this video of comedian Eric Andre, host of his own show on “Adult Swim,” crashing Alex Jones’ speech.

Featured image via Mother Jones screen cap.