Campaign IMPLODES After Politico Reveals Melania Trump LIED About Graduating College (DETAILS)


The Republican National Convention lied about Melania Trump in their program, claiming that she obtained a college degree when, in fact, she did not.

The RNC’s program reads in the middle of the First Lady hopeful’s biography, “After obtaining a degree in design and architecture at University in Slovenia…,” before launching into a discussion of her successful modeling career.

However, as POLITICO’s Julia Ioffe dug up, Melania Trump never earned a college degree.

POLITICO reports:

‘“She dropped out after a year,” reports Ioffe, who delved into the potential first lady’s background earlier this year. Melania’s college tenure ended when she moved to Milan, Italy to pursue her successful modeling career.’

Ioffe didn’t have to dig that far. As Gawker put it, “The only problem is that, according to pretty much everyone else, Melania Trump never actually graduated from college.”

Gawker’s Ashley Feinberg pulled up recent articles from both the New York Times and the New Yorker.

The Times reported:

‘Melania’s entire family sensed potential in her modeling. After high school, she concentrated on her career, dropping out of architecture school. (She still claims on her website to have graduated.)’

And in May The New Yorker wrote:

‘Her Web site states that she obtained a degree in architecture and design from the University of Ljubljana when in fact she dropped out in her first year.’

Even in the face of the longstanding knowledge that Melania Trump did not, in fact, graduate from college, the RNC still published such a claim in their program.

The continued lies show an important fact about the Trump campaign led GOP. Even in the midst of the convention gathered to officially crown Donald Trump the Republican presidential nominee, the Trump campaign is in free fall.

In the middle of the desperate rush for votes to buoy the sinking ship of the Trump campaign, Trump and the GOP have little time to worry about fact checking program biographies.

The latest poll numbers continue to have Trump barely keeping his head above water. His favorability only gets lower and lower, while according to a statistical stretch he is technically tied with Hillary Clinton in the Real Clear Politics average of national general election polling.

Model after model however, from those examining economics to the electoral college, have Trump at about a 20% chance of winning the presidency. In other words, a Trump win is a long shot at best.

In fact, the organizers of the Republican National Convention evidently have so little time that they didn’t even come up with their own biography for the woman they hope to make First Lady of the United States.

As The Times and The New Yorker noted, Melania’s personal website repeats the lie that she graduated from college. Comparing her website’s biography with that released by the RNC finds that the RNC simply lifted from her website with no changes.

Thus, the party organization wanting to install the next president didn’t even take the time to fact check something they pulled from a website.

This revelation comes after Melania herself also plagiarized, taking portions of her Monday night speech from Michelle Obama’s speech given 8 years ago at the Democratic National Convention.

As Trump might say, Sad!

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