JUST IN: RNC Releases INSANE Statement On Melania Trump, Blames ‘My Little Pony’ Cartoon For Plagiarism


The Republican National Committee has come up with a new excuse for Melania Trump’s plagiarism of a 2008 Michelle Obama speech. They’re telling us she lifted her phrasing not from Michelle, but from “Twilight Sparkle,” a character from the “My Little Pony” TV series.

Here is Chief Strategist for the RNC, Sean Spicer, making his case via video on Twitter:

Looks like a pretty huge leap, honestly. It’s surprising they didn’t just blame all of this on the President.

Joshua Green of Business Week clarified the statement for confused viewers.

There’s a significant logical inconsistency happening here, though. The latest “My Little Pony” series started in 2010. Michelle Obama gave her speech in 2008. Also, it’s been reported that part of the speechwriting process for the RNC involves going through old convention speeches.

Presumably, going through episodes of cartoons is not part of the process. Unless Melania’s speechwriters have been looking through Cartoon Network for inspirational quotes (not entirely out of the question, honestly), Michelle Obama is by far the most likely source of this plagiarism.

There’s also the possibility that a speechwriter for the RNC decided to plagiarize directly from Michelle’s speech with the intention of making the Trump campaign look bad. However, the Trump campaign was shown earlier in the election cycle to be among the most dishonest of all the contenders. If they’re resorting to the “Twilight Sparkle” defense for Melania, the speechwriter thing must really be a whopper.

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