Scott Baio Wildly Confronted By CNN On Convention Floor For Calling Hillary A ‘C-Word’ (VIDEO)


Last week, right about the time we all laughingly realized that the Trump campaign was quite serious about having Chachi speak at the Republican National Convention to convince people to vote for Donald Trump, Scott Baio got himself and the campaign he supports in hot water over a disgusting and misogynistic retweet of a photo of Hillary Clinton.

CNN’s Dana Bash interviewed Baio about his chance to speak on the RNC stage and did not give him a pass on answering questions about the tweet.

“DANA BASH: I have to ask you about a tweet that you sent out last week. Hillary Clinton in front of a sign.


BASH: That had the words of a — vulgar words about a female body part. Given — and talking about Hillary Clinton — given the high profile that you have now, given the discourse that I think Republicans are trying to sort of calm down, do you regret that?

BAIO: It’s just a picture somebody sent and we sent it out. You make of it what you want. I didn’t put anything behind it. I just sent it out there..”

That, however, is not entirely accurate. Baio absolutely did put “something…behind it.” A retweet can happen by accident, but not with the words “This may be the best meme out there” typed in above. That’s no accident. That is a deliberate support of the sentiment in the meme, an endorsement of the meme, even.

Baio is also using his Twitter account to insist he did nothing wrong and that the retweet was simply a joke. A horrible, misogynistic, disgusting joke.

Baio concluded the interview by explaining that his support of Trump is the result of a conservative upbringing that taught him good morals and hard work. Because it couldn’t possibly be that he’s simply a misogynist, just like his choice for president.

See the full interview below:


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