‘The Colbert Report’ Is Back! — To Try And Explain “Trumpiness” (VIDEO)


Stephen Colbert resurrected “The Colbert Report” last night in a segment on “The Late Show.” He used the segment to introduce a new installment of “The Word,” featuring “Trumpiness.”

After riding in on a chariot pulled by shirtless men, dressed as Uncle Sam, and turning his backdrop into an American flag, Colbert launched into his explanation of “Trumpiness.”

He started:

‘Nation, right now, Americans are angry, confused, and lashing out randomly — and that’s just the Republican nominee. A lot of people are wondering how America, God’s girlfriend, ended up in a relationship with this guy.’

“This guy” is Donald Trump, whose photo Colbert gestured to when referencing him.

The comedian employed in his elaboration of Trumpiness the ever so comically potent well of the things Donald Trump and his supporters say. “Trumpiness,” according to Colbert’s definition, is about “feeling the feels.”

Colbert thus distinguished “Trumpiness” from his earlier word invention, “Truthiness.” Truthiness needs the person to think something is true, and then, hopefully for the comic, it will be.

To help explain Trumpiness, Colbert used the example of the border wall that the soon-to-be-official Republican presidential nominee insists on forcing on the American/ Mexican relationship.

As he pulled from a recent news article, supporters of Trump don’t even care if the presidential candidate keeps his promises about the wall.

Colbert told his audience:

‘In fact, many Trump supporters don’t believe his wildest promises, and they don’t care. Like the border wall, for example. Everyone knows it will never happen. One supporter last week admitted, “I think if he strengthens the borders … it will be the same as building the wall … the wall can be built even without having to be built.”’

That, Colbert said, explains Trumpiness. A wall built under Trumpiness on the “Emperor’s New Border” doesn’t even have to really be there. If you can “feel the wall,” you don’t have to “see the wall.”

Earlier this week, Colbert crashed the opening of the Republican National Convention, dressed in a blue wig and a mock judge’s robe, and was escorted off the stage while he said, “I know I’m not supposed to be here — neither is Donald Trump.”

Watch Colbert’s hilarity below.

Featured image is via screenshot from the video.