BREAKING: Fights Erupt At Dramatic Protest Outside RNC In Cleveland, Police Injured (VIDEO)


CNBC reports that a fight between police officers and protesters erupted outside the Quicken Loans Arena during a protest of the Republican National Convention. Two officers suffered minor injuries, and multiple arrests were made.

Police say the fight began over a demonstrator who set fire to an American flag.

CNBC also states that the area’s only entrance has been closed in order to contain and disperse the crowd. Police reported that the area has been secured.

“The arena’s entrance on East 4th St. and Prospect Avenue, the area where the fight broke out, was closed by authorities shortly after 4 p.m.

Media and police had a heavy presence around the fight, like they have for many protests this week. Officers on bicycles formed a blockade, and others on horseback patrolled the area.”

Cleveland Police Department only confirmed that one of the arrests being reported so far was of a protester, and he was arrested for wearing a mask that was on a list of prohibited items.

Witnesses, however, tweeted photos and reports of multiple demonstrators being arrested.

Both police and witnesses tweeted video from the scene.

There have been no reports of serious injuries and no names have been released. Police report that the melee is under control and protesters are currently dispersing from the area.

After a week of chaos at the RNC, this was just par for the course.

Featured image via Getty Images/Spencer Platt