BREAKING: Speechwriter Blamed For Melania’s Plagiarism Likely A FAKE Person!


In the 1980s, Donald Trump would often refer them to his spokesman, John Barron. The problem is that Barron never existed. It was simply Trump hiding behind a fake name. Well now it turns out that the former “Apprentice” star is dusting off that old trick once again because it looks like Meredith Mclver, the speechwriter blamed from Melania Trump’s plagiarized speech, is not a real person either.

Journalist Joy Reid was one of the first people to bring up the question of Mclver’s existence due the candidates past history of using aliases.

An investigation into Mclver’s history reveals virtually nothing prior to the Trump campaign offering her up in sacrifice. Her Facebook page was created today and only includes a single photo of her and a copy of the statement she made explaining her role in Ms. Trump’s speech. There are no examples of her past work, no links to a professional website and little evidence that she exists at all.

As for her twitter page, it also appears to have been set up earlier today as well and the first tweet is actually a re-tweet from the GOP nominee. But that’s not the truly interesting thing. Check out her second tweet.

We thought that image looked a bit off and we think we know why. Check out this picture.

Mclver-story-300x200 BREAKING: Speechwriter Blamed For Melania's Plagiarism Likely A FAKE Person! Donald Trump

The truly disturbing thing about this whole situation is the fact that it’s entirely possible Mclver is someone’s attempt to troll the media and the Trump campaign. It’s so blatantly obviously a fake, but with The GOP nominee’s history of using fake names and other outright lies, it’s impossible to tell. Honestly, we’re still not sure if Trump’s presidential run is real. We half expect him to announce he’s been working on a new reality show.

Ultimately, the fact that Trump likely lied about Mclver’s existence may not even be worst thing about this whole mess. The simple fact that the nominee for a major political party is able to resort to such measures, and avoid most media scrutiny, does not bode well for our country.