Democrats Release Their Version Of ‘Paul Ryan’s Staffer Selfie’ & It Shows EXACTLY Why The GOP Is Dead (IMAGE)


Speaker of the House and GOP politician Paul Ryan posted a selfie with GOP interns on Instagram, and the internet noticed a startling problem. Can you spot it?

2016-07-20-12_47_34-Speaker-Paul-Ryan-%40speakerryan-%E2%80%A2-Instagram-photos-and-videos Democrats Release Their Version Of 'Paul Ryan's Staffer Selfie' & It Shows EXACTLY Why The GOP Is Dead (IMAGE) Donald Trump Election 2016 Racism
Image via Instagram

There are no people of color in that photo. Many people who saw the photo on Instagram noticed immediately and called Ryan out on it.

Democratic US Representative E.B. Johnson, however, had the best response.

While we as Democrats cannot say that our elected representatives are truly representative of our nation’s diverse population — although they should be — we can at least say that our platforms aren’t driving people of color away from our party.

We can, at least, say that when we talk about issues facing “the people of America,” we’re talking about ALL people, not just the white, middle-class, heterosexual, Christian ones.

Studies have shown that Republicans work hard to appeal to a white, racist population in their platforms and policies. The Washington Post released the results of a social science study in December 2015 that concluded:

‘”There’s a good deal of evidence that white resentment of minorities is linked to support for Republican candidates, their policies and conservative ideology in America,” said Robb Willer, a political psychologist at Stanford University.’

Nothing has made that point more visually evident than the #SelfieSoWhite controversy. However, nothing has proven more that the Democratic party is determined to distance themselves from that form of voter appeal than the image shown by Rep. Johnson today. 

For coverage of the #SelfieSoWhite controversy from The Young Turks, see video below:

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