Donald Trump Jr. Tweets DISGUSTING Message On Mexican Workers, Internet OUTRAGED (TWEET)


Observant Twitter user @imfabulous13 dug up a stomach-turning tweet from now official Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s son, Donald Trump Jr.

Trump Jr. wrote the tweet back in June 2012. It is featured below via screenshot.

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That’s right; in the tweet above, Donald Trump Jr. follows in his father’s footsteps by throwing respect for marriage right out the window, joking that hopefully his greenskeeper’s sister would “have another [wedding] someday.”

These words are from the son of the man who now officially heads the party that parades itself as more respectful of marriage than the Democrats.

That’s the thing though — it’s not really about respecting marriage for the GOP. It’s just about getting their wishes and serving the interests of the Party.

Certainly, serving self interest is a reasonable concern of an organization such as a political party. For the Republicans, though, the people being served by the Party are best represented by the interns in Speaker of the House Paul Ryan’s recent and widely criticized Instagram photo. Democrats, on the other hand, are statistically and by definition the party of the rest of us.

Voters aren’t unaware of this distinction either. The November election is more than stacked against the Republicans, with Trump hovering at about a 20 percent chance of winning the presidency. Models examining everything from economics to the electoral college all agree on the long shot at best status of the Trump candidacy.

This tweet isn’t the first or even the only recent time Donald Trump Jr. has come under fire, though. As his father’s presidential campaign first began, media dug up photos of Trump Jr. and his brother Eric posing with various portions of the carcasses of endangered animals they had killed in Africa.

Trump Jr. defended himself at the time the photos were first released — which was actually just before the tweet mocking marriage that is the subject of this article.

He said, in part, “I’m not going to run and hide because the peta [sic] crazies don’t like me.”

Much more recently, Trump Jr.’s supposedly “impressive” speech at the currently underway Republican National Convention was accused of being plagiarized.

The accusation against Trump Jr. came the night after his mother was accused and exposed of the same thing, copying a part of her speech from a speech First Lady Michelle Obama gave 8 years ago at the Democratic National Convention.

And this is the family that wants to occupy the White House.

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