FAMILY OF FRAUDS: Ivanka Trump Hit With Massive Lawsuit, You WILL NOT Believe What For (DETAILS)


Copying other people’s work seems to run in the Trump family. The Huffington Post has just revealed that Ivanka Trump is now being sued for copying shoe designs.

Luxury Italian footwear company Aquazzura filed a trademark lawsuit against Ivanka Trump on Tuesday. According to the footwear company, Ivanka Trump and co-defendant Marc Fisher Footwear Company used deceptive trade practices by copying one of Aquazzura’s sandal designed. “The Wild Thing,” priced at $785, is one of Aquazzura’s most popular designs and a best seller.

Compared side by side, Ivanka Trumps “Hettie” shoe, priced at only $145 is indistinguishable from Aquazzura’s Wild Thing. Some online retailers sell the Hettie shoe for as low as $50, severely undercutting Aquazzura with the same design.

According to the papers filed with the court, Aquazzara has made several complaints about other Ivanka Trump shoe models that look almost exactly like those produced by Aquazzara. This incldes the Aquazzura “Forever Marilyn,” a pump with peek-a-boo cut outs and back tassels, and the “Belgravia,” Aquazzaro’s take on a short gladiator sandal.

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Aquazzura’s “Wild Thing” for $750 on the left. Ivanka Trump’s “Hettie” on the right for $145.

Marc Fisher Footwear Company CFO, Matthew Burris issued a statement to Huffington Post upon inquiry, stating that the lawsuit is simply a publicity stunt.

‘[The Hettie shoe] is representative of a trending fashion style, is not subject to intellectual property law protection and there are similar styles made by several major brands. The lawsuit is without merit and we will vigorously defend ourselves against the claim.’

Edgardo Osorio, the founding designer for Aquazzura began a social media campaign against Ivanka Trump four months ago. The company has been posting images to its Instagram page shaming Ivanka Trump’s footwear line and showing comparisons between the two. Osorio even called her out during Paris Fashion Week to expose his message beyond the usual die-hard fashionistas.

Osorio says it’s not personal, however, and blamed the industry itself in an interview with Footwear News in May.

‘I have nothing against Ivanka Trump. It’s not only her, and I’m glad to do other posts. I plan to do the same with Steve Madden and other people who have ripped us off.’

Aquazzura now employs a full-time team to monitor copycat manufacturers who steal his designs.

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