Glenn Beck RAMPAGES That Melania Trump’s Plagiarized Speech Was ACTUALLY Liberal Conspiracy


While everyone waits to find out exactly how that large chunk of plagiarized speech ended up on Melania Trump’s teleprompter at the Republican National Convention last night, Glenn Beck is sure he already knows.

Someone is trying to sabotage the Trump campaign.

Having never met a good conspiracy theory he didn’t like, Beck unveiled his newest set on his radio show today.

“’I don’t think Donald Trump or Melania had anything to do with it. I think somebody sabotaged them. I think this was done intentionally. No good speechwriter does that,’ Beck said.”

In fact, MSNBC did report that the speechwriter turned over his draft of the speech, which did not include any of the portions that were plagiarized.

So he’s correct that the speechwriter didn’t write the plagiarized passages, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that none of the Trumps added them in, hoping no one would notice. On a national stage as large as this, though, of course people noticed. A lot of them.

Glenn Beck also pointed out the absolutely absurdity of the apparent inclusion of lyrics from a Rick Astley song as a line in the speech as proof that this had to be some form of sabotage. Yes, that really did happen.

Of the “rickroll,” a term used when an internet user clicks a link that redirects them to a video of Rick Astley singing “Never Gonna Give You Up,” Glenn Beck said the following:

“‘Was that the writer putting that line in as a wink to us, the people of the world, as a rick roll, of ‘don’t listen…this is a clown show?’ Beck asked.”

The speechwriter’s draft did not include the line. So no, the writer didn’t do anything to give us a heads-up that this campaign is all a sham. We knew that already, anyway.

While many Trump supporters and people in the campaign insisted that Melania Trump didn’t plagiarize Michelle Obama’s speech, she just expressed similar values, we all know that that’s ridiculous. Of course she plagiarized the First Lady’s speech. There were long passages, 23 words long, in places, where the exact words were used in the exact same order. That’s plagiarism.

This was two random sentences that really did just reflect her message on Donald Trump. It was silly and funny to note, but not necessarily plagiarism.

Let’s not tell Glenn Beck, though. Let’s just keep watching him tie himself in knots trying to defend a party that’s exploding right before his eyes.

Grab some popcorn and enjoy the show.

Featured image screengrab via YouTube