GOP Convention Attendees CAUGHT Soliciting Gay Prostitutes In Cleveland (DETAILS)


As Republican descended on Cleveland, Ohio for the Republican National Convention this week, and odd coincidence happened at the exact same time.

Perhaps it’s not so coincidental, though.

Republican voters flooded to Cleveland’s Quicken Loans Arena to hear Republican politicians and celebrities tout the new GOP platform. That platform includes some of the most homophobic ideology that has ever been put in print by the Republican party.

Their goals in 2016 include repealing the legalization of same-sex marriage, forcing schools to teach the Christian Bible as a historical document, and allowing businesses to discriminate against LGBTQ citizens. If you ignore poverty, the real world effects of racism, and have zero understanding of what actually has an effect on the common American citizen, you can say those are important issues. They’re important to homophobes.

During the same time period that an influx of Republicans flooded into Cleveland to cheer that platform on, they were multi-tasking. They were cheering the discrimination of LGBTQ folks while also flooding Cleveland’s Craigslist for…anonymous gay sex.

2016-07-20-11_18_54-NO-SURPRISE_-Republican-Convention-Attendees-Flood-Craigslist-Seeking-Gay-Sex GOP Convention Attendees CAUGHT Soliciting Gay Prostitutes In Cleveland (DETAILS) Donald Trump Election 2016 LGBT Politics

So, while RNC attendees decried their intent to preserve the “sanctity of marriage,” they left their wives at home or in the hotel to go have sex with male prostitutes or just like-minded men who could be “discreet.”

This is no huge surprise to most of us. The use of the word “phobia” in homophobia refers to a fear of LGBTQ folks, but it goes deeper than that. The fear is that someone might think one has same-sex attractions if one doesn’t vocally and with rage shoot down any idea that LGBTQ folks should have equal rights. Sometimes, the fear can also lie in believing that if one doesn’t loudly profess their disgust toward LGBTQ folks, one may be swayed to act on an existing same-sex attraction.

Sometimes it’s just an act to cover the fact that one already knows that a same-sex attraction already exists and has been acted upon. In other words, it’s just a way of hiding one’s true sexual identity.

This is why Brent Randall, a Republican city council member from Goshen, Indiana, expressed his refusal to add language that would protect LGBTQ folks from discrimination while secretly maintaining a profile on Adam4Adam, a dating website for gay men. It’s why George Rekers was the co-founder of the anti-LGBTQ Family Resource Council while bringing home boyfriends he met on vacation. It’s why Pastor Tom Brock was having sex with men while preaching that tornadoes happened because a church embraced a gay pastor.

It’s also why people went to cheer on the nation’s most blatantly homophobic GOP platform ever while desperately seeking gay sex on Craigslist, too.

For an ABC News report on this issue, see video below.

Featured image via Flikr by Nathan Rupert available under a Creative Commons license