Hillary Clinton Just Responded To Chris Christie’s RNC Rant With One AMAZING Sentence (VIDEO)


Hillary Clinton just ripped Chris Christie to shreds over the speech he gave at the Republican National Convention, in which, he spoke out strongly against her character and her ability to be president.

Christie said this at the convention, during his self-proclaimed “indictment” of Hillary:

“Since the Justice Department refuses to allow you to render a verdict, let’s present the case now, on the facts, against Hillary Clinton.”

“She was America’s chief diplomat,” Christie added of the former secretary of State. “Look around at the violence and danger in our world today. Every region of the world has been infected with her flawed judgment.”

Hillary lashed out at Christie on Tuesday via her Twitter account. The Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee said this about Christie’s accusations:

“If you think Chris Christie can lecture anyone on ethics, we have a bridge to sell you.”

Check out the actual tweet below:

This monstrous social media jab is referring to Christie’s “bridgegate” scandal over lane closures on the George Washington Bridge a few years back. That scandal seriously damaged Christie’s chances at a presidential run, and made him a national laughing stock.

Hillary’s tweet also included this link from a 2015 New York Times story that fully explains the scandal, in case her joke flew over a few heads. Christie is still regularly mocked for what will go down in history as his most memorable moment.

Christie was asking for it, however, when he continued his attack on Hillary, bringing up the email incident and her issues with foreign affairs during her stint as Secretary of State.

Check out Christie’s verbal assault below via YouTube: