Internet EXPLODES After Speaker Laura Ingraham Gives Nazi Salute At GOP Convention (VIDEO)


One of Wednesday night’s speakers at the Republican National Convention gave a Nazi salute before she walked off the stage.

Yes, really.

Watch the quickly spreading clip below.

The woman giving the salute in the video is conservative thought leader Laura Ingraham.

As the New York Daily News reports:

‘Laura Ingraham, conservative radio host and political commentator, after serving up a cold dish of criticism against Hillary Clinton and men in skinny jeans, saluted her way off the Republican National Convention stage.’

Whether or not she meant to give the salute is beside the point. She gave the Nazi salute as she walked off the stage.

The definition of Nazi salute shown after a quick Google search is simple and to the point.

As it reads:

‘[The Nazi salute is] a gesture or salute in which the right arm is straightened and inclined upward, with the hand open and palm down.’

If you need more proof, check out the image below, depicting a room full of ranking Nazis, all showing the same salute as Ingraham gave at the RNC.

Bundesarchiv_Bild_101II-MW-4012-04_Frankreich_D%C3%B6nitz_bei_Offizieren Internet EXPLODES After Speaker Laura Ingraham Gives Nazi Salute At GOP Convention (VIDEO) Election 2016 Top Stories
Bundesarchiv, Bild 101II-MW-4012-04 / Dietrich / CC-BY-SA 3.0

Twitter exploded with criticism.

The below tweet refers to Ben Carson actually associating Hillary Clinton with Lucifer in his RNC speech Tuesday night.

An “official GIF” account from GIPHY even produced a GIF of the incident, tellingly adding the phrase “Did she just?”

This incident is not the first time the currently ongoing Republican National Convention has come under intense scrutiny. One such criticism points out that there are barely a dozen or two African American delegates out of the almost 3,000 present.

The Convention was birthed out of the same kind of controversy, since neither is this the first time the Republicans have this year been accused of having Nazi tendencies.

The now official Republican presidential nominee himself proudly touts policies he will implement as president which scream of Nazism. He has, at times, proposed a registry and special surveillance program for Muslims — eerily similar to the plan the Nazis employed against Jews in the 1930s and 1940s.

As the New York Daily News also reports:

‘Ingraham would not be the first of the billionaire’s supporters to make the infamous Nazi gesture, as Trump fanatics have yelled “Heil Donald Trump” and “Sieg Heil” at the Republican nominee’s rallies.

At the moment, Trump isn’t exactly looking at a clear path to the White House. Models have him at about a 20 percent chance of winning the presidency in November.

Let’s keep it that way.

Featured Image is via Alex Wong on Getty Images