Right Wing Internet EXPLODES After Ted Cruz Refuses To Endorse Donald Trump (TWEETS)


Right wing Twitter exploded late Wednesday night after former Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz refused to endorse now official Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump in his Wednesday night speech at the Republican National Convention.

As the New York Times reports:

‘Republican leaders tried to pivot to the general election on Wednesday night but instead watched their convention erupt into a bitter replay of the presidential nomination fight as Senator Ted Cruz pointedly refused to endorse his former rival, Donald J. Trump, and was shouted down by furious delegates.’

Watch below the New York Times video report on what happened after Cruz refused to endorse Trump.

And thus Twitter exploded.

One user referenced the ever so enigmatic pledge that was passed around among the respective candidates during the primary season. Signing it was supposed to bind the candidate to support whoever eventually won the nomination, along with an explicit provision that the signer would not run as Third Party.

One Twitter user looked ahead to next week’s Democratic National Convention.


Twitter’s representation of public opinion was far from the most pressing thing on anyone’s mind who was in attendance of the Republican convention. After Cruz refused to endorse Trump, the Convention floor erupted in wild chants and boos.

The angst got so rough and potentially violent that Cruz’s wife Heidi had to be escorted off the Convention floor by security.

The extreme bitterness dredged tonight to the surface highlights some of the divisiveness that is bringing the Republican Party to what is shaping up to be a dismal election night in November.

Sure, Trump is now the official nominee of the Republican Party. Are Republican leaders happy? No. Are potential Republican voters who are turned off by Trump’s wild antics happy?

No, and these voters, from African Americans to Hispanic Americans, aren’t going to vote for a candidate they aren’t happy with. Trump’s favorability ratings are beyond low and his latest poll numbers maintain only a glimmer of hope for his candidacy. Model after model sets the GOP up for a crushing loss come November.

Featured Image is via Alex Wong on Getty Images.