The SECOND Trump Became The Official GOP Nominee Last Night Twitter EXPLODED! (VIDEO)


Last night, Donald J. Trump became the official nominee of the Republican party for President of the United States. There was a time when that sentence was one no one truly believed they’d ever utter, but it happened.

The race between Trump and Clinton is going to happen.

Not everyone seemed to relish the idea of this particular fight, however. Both Republicans and Democrats across Twitter expressed their horror and dismay at what it means about our country that a man like Donald J. Trump can be nominated to the highest office in the land.

See, what a lot of people on Twitter understood last night is that there are enough people living in the same country and the same neighborhoods we do, working alongside us at our jobs, teaching our children and professing in our churches to have the same religious faiths that we do, who would also vote for Donald Trump.

There are enough people in this country who agree, or who are willing to overlook, what this man says to vote to make him the official nominee of a major party in our country.

Keeping Donald J. Trump from becoming the next president is our job as rational, thinking people and it absolutely must be done, but that will be a small victory. The real work begins with changing a culture of racism, xenophobia, bigotry, misogyny, superiority, and hate.

That is going to be a much tougher job.

See a compilation video of those voters below. Warning: NSFW.

Featured image screengrab via Flikr by Gage Skidmore available under a Creative Commons license