BREAKING: ‘The Young Turks’ Host Has COMPLETE Meltdown At GOP Convention, Fights With..


Cenk Uygur, host of the popular “The Young Turks” show on YouTube, nearly came to blows with Alex Jones of Infowars’ conspiracy theorist fame during a filming of “The Young Turks” at the Republican National Convention.

Uygur was not upset when Alex Jones walked onto the set of his show during his filming, but exploded on-set when Jones handed him a t-shirt with a picture of Bill Clinton and the word “Rape” written over it.

‘In the beginning, I wasn’t mad at all. so he’s doing his grandstanding, and he’s doing it because we have a much larger audience…the two things that p*ssed me off and why we had the mayhem in here that we did is he handed me a shirt with bill Clinton’s face on it that said “rape.” I’m not interested in that kind of bs […] then Roger Stone [came in]…his job is to be a hatchet man, he’s a professional liar.’

In the video that was captured, Roger Stone, former Trump campaign manager who called Hillary Clinton a “c*nt” and called for her execution, tried standing on the set of Uygur’s show while attempting to taunt and insult him and called Ana Kasparian a Saudi supporter.

When Uygur became enraged at Stone and told him to get off his set, Stone continued to stand and scream at him. Uyger was not having it.

‘Didn’t you admit that you lied about Hillary Clinton? didn’t you already admit that?’

Alex Jones then stepped in to try to make the situation worse, and the entire set exploded. The two stood face-to-face, ready to come to blows, when security and other people on the set had to step between them.

See the entire confrontation below:

Afterward, Cenk Uygur and his co-hosts explained what happened to cause the mayhem.

No explanation needed, Cenk! We’ve all wanted to do the same.

Featured image screengrab via YouTube