Chelsea Clinton Gets PISSED OFF At Trump Supporters, Defends Hillary’s Honor (LETTER)


Hillary Clinton’s daughter Chelsea has written an open letter to her mother’s supporters about Donald Trump demonizing her mother. Republicans hit her mom with ugly things Chelsea would never let her own children hear. The billionaire has let loose a hateful toxin that combusts when it hits the Republican air, and then it recombusts until it has spread across the country.

Chelsea has the fortunate – or unfortunate – inheritance of being the child of two presidential candidates, Hillary and Bill Clinton, and with any luck, two presidents of the United States. It is a tough place to live, in the public spotlight, hearing an overabundance of parental criticism.

Yet, Hillary Clinton’s daughter has remained quiet, until now. It has become acceptable for Trump’s followers to publicly demonize the Democratic opponent up to and including calling for a her to be killed. Hatred came off of a prominent Trump New Hampshire delegate in poisonous waves as he told MSNBC he wanted Hillary “tried for treason” and:

‘…put in the firing line and shot for treason.’

Throughout the RNC Convention, delegates and politicians have been whipped up into a frenzy, chanting “Lock Her Up!” and “Guilty.” Ben Carson, former Republican presidential candidate, went so far in his speech as to say Lucifer, or the devil, is Hillary Clinton’s mentor.

Take a look at Chelsea Clinton’s letter:

‘When Republicans repeatedly get on stage at their national convention and toss attack after attack at my mom, calling her things I’d never say in front of my children — let alone on live TV — they’re talking about a caricature they’ve imagined, not the woman that I love and respect.

‘My mom is compassionate, kind, and hardworking — when I was growing up, it seemed like she could do anything. She’d spend all day in court litigating on behalf of children and families, then come home and ask me over dinner what I learned in school, what my favorite part of my day was, and what I hoped would happen tomorrow. And then she would sit with me while I did my homework or practiced the piano or worked on my science project.

‘XXXX, my mom has been fighting for everyday Americans for as long as I can remember. She’s smart, she’s strong, and she never forgets who she is fighting for and why. I can’t wait to vote for her as our next president — but she needs to know that we’re with her right now.



Clearly, Hillary has skin so thick it cannot be punctured with Republican harpoons. After all, she has been disparaged for decades, yet she has come out on the other side each time stronger, and yes, a bit more cautious.

Featured Image: Steve Jervetson via Flickr, Creative Commons License.
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