Faces On GOP Convention Crowd As Ted Cruz Dissed Trump Are PRICELESS (IMAGES)


Wednesday night, US Senator Ted Cruz spoke at the Republican National Convention, which ends on Thursday.

Cruz is one of now-official Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s former primary season competitors. He was the next to last to bow out of the race, and the last candidate thought of by analysts and insiders as having a real shot at unseating Trump as the party’s then presumptive nominee for the presidency.

When he spoke at this year’s RNC on Wednesday night, all around was the expectation that he would endorse Donald Trump. Normally, the pressure would only be slight on primary rivals to officially make the statement, “I endorse so and so.”

The GOP, however, is desperately struggling to try and set up a coalition of voters who can at least give Donald Trump a chance at getting into the White House.

A major component of this plan is starting with the warring factions of the party, and easing the tensions between Cruz supporters and Trump supporters. An explicit endorsement from Cruz for Trump would of course be a huge help to such a cause.

Thus, a Cruz endorsement of Trump was supposed to be pending on Wednesday. Everyone expected it; later speakers, such as one time possible Trump VP candidate Newt Gingrich, wrote their speeches off Cruz’s endorsement.

Cruz certainly delivered his speech Wednesday night – but he never endorsed Trump. Instead, he urged his listeners to “vote their conscience.”

And thus the right wing exploded. Acutely, in the convention hall, delegates from across the country chanted and booed. The tensions built up so intensely that Cruz’s wife, Heidi, had to be escorted from the hall by security.

Looking around the room on Wednesday night via video footage reveals some interesting expressions on the faces of Republicans in attendance.

First check out the expression on Newt Gingrich’s face, via Politico on Twitter.


Newt doesn’t look happy, does he?

Gingrich said, according to Politico:

‘But to show up, it’s like going to your neighbor’s garden party so you could pour acid on the petunias. It was the kind of move that let Ted Cruz be totally isolated. And if he goes back to the Senate retaining this attitude, he will be utterly ineffective and have virtually nobody who will work with him. But again, that’s his problem.’

Other Republicans weren’t any happier.

New Century Times captured some of the faces of delegates around the hall via screenshot from live feeds.

Featured below are 2 of the best ones.



To top it off, Politico captured the response of the Trump family themselves while Cruz gave his speech.

See for yourself below.


Featured Image via Tasos Katopodis on Getty Images.