Fox News Viewers Turn On Megyn Kelly For Wearing This Dress During GOP Convention Coverage


Megyn Kelly may no longer be the darling of the GOP. Just two days after she came forward with her claims of sexual harassment from Fox News CEO Roger Ailes, conservatives on Twitter began harassing her over a dress.

Kelly was formerly a huge favorite among conservatives. Her ratings on Fox News once made her the network’s most popular anchor, and she’s vied with Bill O’Reilly for that top spot for years. She took a hit in the ratings after her refusal to lob only softball questions to GOP nominee Donald Trump during a primary debate, but she still remained a favorite of the “Never Trump” movement.

During her coverage of the RNC, the right-wing force on Twitter spewed all kinds of hatred toward Kelly. Funny that her clothing choices weren’t as much of an issue before her sexual harassment claims.

It’s also interesting that this picture has been circulating for a very, very long time and conservatives never uttered a word about it. In fact, many of them found it empowering to women.

The harassment and fallout from Kelly’s decision to come forward about Ailes hasn’t all been online, either.

This is what happens whenever a woman is brave enough to come forward against a powerful man, but the conservative hypocrisy on this one is reaching all-new levels of crazy.

See the segment where Kelly is wearing the “escort agency” dress (which is just a summer dress) below.

Featured image via Facebook.