JUST IN: NBA Basketball Pulls All-Star Game From North Carolina Due To Anti-LGBT Law (DETAILS)


North Carolina’s anti-LGBT legislation has been a source of controversy since the law was enacted, but despite some talk about reforming the law, neither the legislate nor the governor’s office has taken any real action. Now it looks like the state’s bigotry could cost it a lot of money, as the NBA is planning on moving the 2017 All-Star game out of Charlotte.

Currently the NBA is considering having New Orleans act as the game’s host city, but there are several other cities in consideration.  The NBA hasn’t made a formal announcement about the relocation, but is expected to do so sometime within the coming weeks.

Adam Silver, the NBA’s commissioner, has been threatening the move for several months unless North Carolina’s discriminatory anti-LGBT law was revoked. The NBA says that North Carolina has run out of time because the NBA has to have time to run it’s mid season marquee event.

Several polls and surveys have shown that many in North Carolina believe that the law is harmful to the state’s reputation and economy. This move by the NBA is just another example of that. Additionally, Charlotte Hornets’ Michael Jordan, was hoping to use the event’s publicity to boost his franchise, so the former Bull is probably not too happy with the loss of the event.

The law in question, commonly known as House Bill 2, denies transgender individuals the right to use the bathroom of their choice. Lawmakers claim that this particular legislation was designed to protect women, but the evidence shows that such legislation does nothing to protect women and promotes an atmosphere of violence. For example, last May a woman in Connecticut was attacked after being mistaken as a transgender man. In her video describing the incident, she said she blamed on the controversy surrounding House Bill 2.


Furthermore, the bill in question also specifically exempts LGBT from state and local anti-discrimination laws. That particular piece of legislation was added specifically in response to cities that were passing ordinances protecting the LGBT community.

Hopefully, the loss of the All-Star Game will serve as a wake up call and the state will begin serious efforts to repeal the law, but so far they’ve made no such announcement.