JUST IN: New 2016 Presidential Poll Of Military Members Shows Results That You Will NOT Believe


Libertarian Presidential candidate Gary Johnson comes out ahead of both Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton in a new poll released this week.

The poll was conducted online via the Facebook page of “Doctrine Man,” who the New York Times described in 2010 as “an Army officer’s cartoon creation… whose escapades battling military bureaucracy have attracted an Internet cult following.”

You can find some of the numbers in the graph featured below.

The Libertarian ticket came in with 36.7 percent of the support from those polled. Trump came in with 30.7 percent, while Clinton only came in with 15.1 percent.

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While military voters are only a fraction of the general voting population, their preferences are telling.

Active duty military continue to occupy a special place in the presidential election discourse. Trump has dragged to the surface several points of contention with the military community, including hurling sickening criticism at members of the military who didn’t conform to his standards, such as veteran and current US Senator John McCain.

Trump has also suggested that he would ramp up the Middle Eastern ground operation against the Islamic State terror group, thus putting the lives of American servicemen and women at risk.

Various components of Trump’s proposed ramped up military operations have also come under intense scrutiny, such as his assertion to reinstate torture and to kill terrorists’ families. Military personnel from across the spectrum of command have asserted that they would not follow through on these potential commands from Trump as Commander in Chief.

And with all of these notes in mind, the military’s hatred for Trump, manifesting in bottoming out support, is the tip of the iceberg that strikes the fatal hole in his campaign.

The military isn’t the only group not supporting the businessman turned Republican presidential nominee. From African Americans to Hispanics, Trump’s deepening lack of support across the political spectrum puts him at only an estimated 20 percent chance of winning the presidency in November.

As for Clinton, her reputation, be it legitimate or not, is that of a warmonger. Voters, especially, of course, military, are generally keen to stay away from such a figure. Clinton, however, is hoping to ride her overwhelming establishment support to the White House in November.

In some ways, the November election is shaping up to have only one pending question:

Can Gary Johnson ride the slowly but surely growing wave of support behind him to unseat Clinton as front runner? Under current rules, a candidate must get at least 15 percent support in a scientific poll to appear on a debate stage. (The Doctrine Man poll is technically not “scientific.”)

Johnson’s last poll had him at 13 percent, prompting Red State to speculate that he would soon be poised to join Clinton and Trump at a debate.

Clinton defeated her primary opponent US Senator Bernie Sanders, who mounted a similar insurgent operation against her. Now it’s time to wait and see if Johnson can be more successful.

Featured Image is via AFP on Getty Images.