Michael Moore Makes EXTREMELY Disturbing Announcement, America Left Stunned (DETAILS)


While participating in a panel discussion on “Real Time with Bill Maher,” Michael Moore made a surprising declaration regarding the 2016 presidential election.

‘I’m sorry to have to be the buzzkill here so early on, but I think Trump is gonna win.’

Moore, a liberal filmmaker known for documentaries like “Fahrenheit 9/11” and “Bowling for Columbine,” received boos from the audience for his comment. Maher, though, told Moore that he was glad that opinion was being shared because “the enemy is complacency.”

There are many Democrats who do not think Trump has any chance at winning the election. Moore, though, made it clear that he doesn’t want people to be so sure. Before sharing his belief that a Trump victory is in the future, Moore said that he’s concerned because Democrats have “been sitting in our bubble having a good laugh at this sh*t show.”

In explaining his reasoning for thinking Trump will be victorious, Moore said, “It’s gonna be the Brexit strategy. He continued, comparing the “Rust Belt” in the United States to the middle of England:

‘Mitt Romney lost by 64 electoral votes. The total electoral votes of those four states in the Rust Belt? 64. All he has to do is win those four states.’

The Rust Belt is comprised of Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania. In the primary elections, Trump only won two of the four Rust Belt states — Michigan and Pennsylvania. However, Trump has been gaining on Clinton in the polls, so he could very well pull ahead in all the Rust Belt states, as Moore points out.

Moore, who is from Flint, Michigan, also described what he witnessed in his home state during the primary election. He recalled that “more people in the Michigan primary voted Republican than Democrat” as he described the influence Trump had in the state.

This is not the first time Moore has given a warning about taking Trump seriously. In an interview with Megyn Kelly on her show, “The Kelly File,” he said:

‘I think everybody now is taking Donald Trump very seriously. And everybody who thought he was a joke last summer, “no way is this going to happen”…nobody should treat it like it’s a joke now.’

Moore also expressed a valid concern to Kelly about Republicans being more likely than Democrats to get out and vote.

‘What he has on his side — and this is one thing I admire about Republicans — they get up in the morning and vote. They will be at the polls at 6 a.m. My side, we only see 6 a.m. if we’ve been partying all night.’

Watch the discussion from Maher’s show below:


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