‘Art Of The Deal’ Co-Author Exposes Trump’s Past LIVE On Air During GOP Convention (VIDEO)


Bill Maher hosted the co-author of Donald Trump’s famous — or rather, infamous — book, “The Art of the Deal” on a live version of his show this week.

The “co-author,” Tony Schwartz, continued his harsh and ominous rhetoric against the now official presidential nominee of the Republican Party.

Maher introduced him, saying Schwartz “has recently come out against Donald Trump’s candidacy” and exclaiming, “Finally, we have a witness!”

“Tony, I love your tweet,” Maher began, “‘I wrote Art of the Deal, Donald Trump read it’ — I find that hard to believe he actually read it.”

As Maher noted to Schwartz, the issue is with a lot more than hassling over a book. Schwartz has said that a Trump presidency will lead to the “end of civilization,” and Maher asked him to explain.

Explain he did. Schwartz took the conversation to a more serious side, addressing the fact that, although he was on a comedy show with an audience who enjoyed laughing at the funny parts of Schwartz’s story:

‘The real issue is not this audience, it’s the big lie of this campaign that Trump actually cares about the people who are going to vote for him. That’s a lie; Trump doesn’t care about anybody.’

Such an assertion is obviously not hard to believe. Trump openly takes it lightly to belittle entire groups of people, such as Muslims and Mexicans, and at the top of his policy concerns sit issues that are important to him and rich people like him.

Voters seem to be holding onto the truth of Schwartz’s assertion more often than not. Although an occasional poll puts Trump ahead of Hillary Clinton, and the Real Clear Politics average of national general election polls has the two candidates extremely close, model after model still asserts that Clinton will win the Presidency by a comfortable margin.

Schwartz also told Maher:

‘There is no heart, there is no soul. If you Google the word “sociopath,” you get the 10 qualities of a sociopath. That is a perfect description of Donald Trump… I’m out here to speak truth to power, because nobody else is effectively doing it.’

Truthfully, very few clear voices from the businessman turned politican’s past and personal life have emerged. And in one of very few cases, many of those who spoke to the New York Times about Trump’s sexist past kept their profiles and their criticism low.

Watch Maher’s interview with Schwartz below.

Featured Image is via Screenshot from Maher’s Video.