CNN Confronts Trump’s Campaign Manager For Lying LIVE On Air, Things Get CRAZY (VIDEO)


CNN’s Jake Tapper crushed the myth of increasing violent crime rates flowing from Donald Trump’s political war chest of deceptions. He took on Trump’s campaign manager and liar-and-chief Paul Manafort in an interview for a win and nailed the guy to the wall of truth.

Tapper called the Donald’s top man out for walking his falsehoods about crime statistics around the RNC convention and rallies:

‘One of the things that we’ve heard in the Republican convention has been about crime in America. Now crime obviously, violent crime, horrific, but just empirically, according to FBI statistics, crime rates have been going down for decades. How can the Republicans make the argument that somehow it’s more dangerous today when the facts don’t back that up?’

Then, Paul Manafort went right back to the campaign lies, preying upon people’s fears:

‘People don’t feel safe in their neighborhoods. I’m not sure what statistics you’re talking about. But I know for a fact the information we see…’

Tapper slammed Manafort down with two simple words:

‘FBI staistics.’

The Republicans have criticized FBI Director Jame Comey‘s decision against charging Clinton for using her private email server when she was the Secretary of State. They have even called the FBI into question.

Trump’s man wouldn’t give it up. He kept hitting at the deceptions that line the campaign’s treasure trove of lies:

‘Well the FBI certainly is suspect these days after what they just did with Hillary Clinton. But as far as crime in the neighborhoods, people don’t feel safe.’

Manafort misrepresented the facts, going back in to jab at people’s emotions, which are irrational. People fear job loss and financial ruin, so Trump’s man has tapped into that well of anxiety:

‘They’re not safe in their neighborhoods and the crime that you see is because no one feels as if the system is protecting their interest.’

When everything else fails, the Trump people always turn back to the ultimate smear. Obama did it:

‘We think it’s an issue that’s contrast very strongly with what Obama has done in the White House and what Clinton stands for, and we’re going to be talking about it tonight.’

Then, Tapper came in for the final blow, trumping Trump’s propaganda mouthpiece:

‘I wasn’t talking about feelings. I was just talking about the facts of actual violent crime.’

Alright, Tapper. Truth wins out against lies.

Watch the whole Tapper-Manafort battle in this video:

Featured Image: Disney/ABC via Flickr, Creative Commons License.