Donald Trump Has Meltdown, Ruthlessly Attacks Ted Cruz During Press Conference (VIDEO)


Despite officially snagging the Republican nomination, Donald Trump apparently hasn’t risen above the maturity level of a 5-year-old. In a press conference on Friday, Trump used the opportunity to attack Ted Cruz.

After Cruz made headlines for refusing to endorse Donald Trump for president, Trump told reporters he doesn’t want the endorsement, even if Cruz later has a change of heart:

‘You know, he’ll come and endorse over the next little while. He’ll — because he has no choice. But I don’t want his endorsement. What difference does it make? And I don’t want his endorsement. I have such great — I don’t want his endorsement. Just — Ted, stay home, relax, enjoy yourself.’

He reiterated his point, saying:

‘Again, I don’t want his endorsement. If he gives it, I will not accept it. Just so you understand. If he gives it — I will not accept it.’

Leaving nothing unsaid, Trump went on to discuss Cruz’s campaign’s attack on his wife:

‘I didn’t start anything with the wife. She didn’t need to marry me. She was making a lot of money, believe me. I had to work hard to get her to marry me. It wasn’t that easy. It’s true. You think I’m kidding. So they released this picture, which was, you know, to the people of the state of Utah. I love Utah. I love the people of Utah. But that’s not where you want to necessarily send a risqué picture. Everybody in Utah got a picture. And I don’t think they showed that it was GQ I don’t even think they showed. They took the GQ off. They cut all the stuff off.’

Somewhat changing his tune from March, when he tweeted a photo comparing his wife to Cruz’s, Trump said about Heidi Cruz:

‘I think Heidi Cruz is a great person. I think it’s the best thing he’s got going and his kids if you want to know the truth. In a certain way, although he’s got good intellect but he doesn’t know how to use it. And he was a good debater but he didn’t go well in the debate against me. According to every poll. I mean, every poll, this great debater except he lost in every single debate. So that takes care of the Heidi thing. Because Heidi is a terrific woman.’

Trump went on to state again that he doesn’t want Cruz’s endorsement:

‘I don’t want his endorsement. If he gives it, I will not accept it, just so you understand. I will not accept it. It won’t matter. Honestly, he should have done it. Because nobody cares. And he would have been in better shape for four years from now. I don’t see him winning anyway, frankly. But if he did, it’s fine.’

At a campaign event in Cleveland, the Republican nominee went on to ask his running mate, Mike Pence, if he could set up a super PAC to fight Cruz:

‘Although maybe I’ll set up a super PAC if he decides to run. Are you allowed to set up a super PAC, Mike, if you are the president to fight somebody?’

Watch more of Trump’s comments below, via YouTube:

Feature Image via Gage Skidmore/Flickr, available under a Creative Commons license.