Jon Stewart Returned With Stephen Colbert Last Night & They HUMILIATED Donald Trump (VIDEO)


Comedian Jon Stewart came back to life on CBS’s “Late Show” with Stephen Colbert to knock out the RNC and Donald Trump. He took over Colbert’s desk to go live after the convention finale, Trump’s acceptance speech.

Colbert gave Stewart a full 10 minutes of biting humor to take down Fox News host Sean Hannity and others who have supported Trump:

‘Well, the convention’s over. I thought Donald Trump was going to speak. Ivanka said that he was going to come out. She said he was really compassionate and generous, but then this angry groundhog came out and he just vomited on everybody for an hour.’

‘…Here’s how Lumpy [Sean Hannity’s nickname] feels about the guy who sits in a literal golden throne at the top of a golden tower with his name in gold letters at the top of it, eating pizza with a knife and fork. How do you feel about that guy?’

Stewart blasts Hannity in the imitation set:

‘…Either Lumpy and his friends are lying about being bothered by thin-skinned, authoritarian, less-than-Christian readers-of-prompter being president. Or they don’t care, as long as it’s their thin-skinned prompter-authoritarian-tyrant-narcissist. You just want that person to give you your country back. Because you feel that you’re this country’s rightful owners. There’s only one problem with that. This country isn’t yours.’

Then, Stewart points out that the right has no ownership of our ideals:

‘You don’t own it. It never was. There is no real America. You don’t own it. You don’t own patriotism. You don’t own Christianity. You sure as hell don’t own respect for the bravery and sacrifice of military, police and firefighters.’

‘Trust me, I saw a lot of people on the convention floor in Cleveland with their “blue lives matter” rhetoric, who either remained silent or actively fought against the 9/11 first responders’ bill reauthorization. I see you and I see we’re live. Never been on a television show with stakes before. So I see you. You’ve got a problem with those Americans fighting for their place at the table.’

‘You’ve got a problem with that because you feel like — what’s Representative Steve King’s word for it? Subgroups of Americans are being divisive. Well, if you have a problem with that, take it up with the founders.’

Finally, Stewart shoots out his own grand civics finale:

‘We hold these truths to be self-evident. (Singing.) “That all men are created equal.” Respect, Lin-Manuel. Those fighting to be included in the ideal of equality are not being divisive. Those fighting to keep those people out are. So, Lumpy, you and your friends have embraced Donald Trump. Clearly, the “c” next to your names don’t stand for constitutional or conservative. But cravenly, convenient ——(Mr. Colbert
interrupts with an air horn.)’

Jon, you are missed. Come back soon and often.

Watch Jon Stewart in action in this video:

Featured Image: David Shankbone via Flickr, Creative Commons License.