Meghan McCain RIPS Into GOP Convention: ‘The Party I was Part Of Is Dead’ (TWEETS)


Republicans across the nation have begun to stray away from their party, believing that party views have drastically changed. With Donald Trump securing the nomination at the Republican National Convention, many have also spoken out, saying that the GOP is going downhill.

The start of Donald Trump’s campaign signified a huge change in the GOP, causing many members to leave the party they had been so intertwined with. Simply finding speakers for the Republican National Convention proved to be a challenge, as many Republicans refused to attend at all, let alone speak in support of Trump.

One Republican who has openly expressed criticism of her party is Meghan McCain, daughter of 2008 Republican nominee John McCain. She recently took to Twitter to express her concerns about what the Republican party has become.

After the Republican National Convention, where Donald Trump won the Republican nomination, McCain felt ashamed of her party and decided to distance herself. She made her feelings clear on Twitter:

In an interview with The Hill, McCain explained her feelings further:

‘The Republican Party used to be about free markets, statesmanship, leadership, and the rights to life and liberty for all people, Now it’s a party of identity politics, limousine liberalism, anti-immigrant rhetoric and incoherent foreign policy.’

‘I no longer recognize my party and I don’t think Abraham Lincoln or Ronald Reagan would either.’

With much adoration for late presidents Lincoln and Reagan, McCain also praised former Republican candidate Ted Cruz for following what she believes closely resembles Lincoln’s and Reagan’s Republican views.

As the interview with The Hill progressed, McCain announced:

‘I’m voting with my conscience and that won’t be Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. I will most likely be writing in Lindsey Graham simply because he’s like an uncle to me and closest to my political ideology.’

She had this to say about the current presidential candidates and her plan to write in Graham:

Without backing from either of the national parties, it is unlikely Graham will see the oval office. However, McCain has made her point clear: The Republican party has disappointed her deeply.

Image Source: Getty.