Post GOP Convention RCP Poll STUNS America, Shows GIANT Third Party Candidate SURGE


It says a lot when Google searches for “third-party candidate” screamed off the top of the chart during the Republican National Convention. Google tells us that this search went up 1,150 percent in the four-day-period. Clearly people loathe the idea of a president Donald Trump, but who do they want?

Trump hijacked the Republican party, and Hillary Clinton is going to be the Democratic choice. During the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia next week, she will accept the nomination. But all the polls show the two contenders are the most disliked presidential choices in decades.

RealClearPolitics provides averages of all the recent polls and gives Clinton the lead with 40.9 percent of the vote, Trump comes in second with 37.3 percent. But the other two alternatives are picking up percentage points as Clinton and Trump settle in as the major party contenders.

Libertarian Gary Johnson takes 8.3 percent of the vote, and Green Party Jill Stein is up to 4 percent.

Granted, Trump has had to deal with the Never Trump movement, which is dedicated to his downfall. But the movement has lost much of its momentum, especially after the Trump offspring wowed dedicated Republicans. People wonder how “a sociopath” could possibly raise such a group of beautiful, accomplished millennials.

Clinton has had her own battles. Bernie Sanders brought home 13 million voters, giving Clinton a real race to the top. And, there is no guarantee those voters will automatically switch over to Clinton. The tough primary fight made Clinton stronger, yet she has not been able to crush her email controversy. People have trouble trusting her.

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It looks as if the third-party candidates may gain momentum. Of course, they cannot take the election. But, whether the Republicans or the Democrats lose the most votes to these third-party candidates will make all the difference in the final vote count.

So, who is Gary Johnson? He is a mild-mannered entrepreneur from New Mexico, who says he will not do negative campaigning, as opposed to Clinton and Trump who are attacking each other like a pair of hyenas fighting over a dead zebra.

Johnson does say that Trump’s negative references to illegal immigrants are “incendiary.” That 48 percent of New Mexico residents are Hispanic may have something to do with Johnson’s comments. But, the Libertarian refuses to personally attack Trump and goes lightly on Clinton over her email server. Johnson says:

‘It’s not in my nature to attack.’

Time will tell.