Trump Campaign HUMILIATED After Staffer ‘Accidentally’ Sent This Email To ALL Trump Followers

Donald Trump's campaign is plagued by incompetence, with lazy gaffes and missteps.


Another report regarding Donald Trump and his campaign staff’s incompetence dropped Thursday. According to Mother Jones, Associated Press political reporter Julie Bykowicz received an email soliciting donations from the Trump campaign. Fair enough, but the email was sent out at 9:18 p.m. Eastern time — and indicated that Trump had just spoken at the Republican National Convention and officially accepted the Republican Party’s nomination. The problem is, Trump didn’t actually speak at the RNC until 10:15 p.m., a full hour after the email was sent describing how “amazing” the night at the convention was.

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So, is Donald Trump’s incompetence reflective of a campaign staff so amateurish that they can’t keep track of time? Or are they just so lazy that they decided to fire the email off before clocking out for the day? Perhaps they have a time machine  — after all, some of them seem to still live in the 1950s.

Trump’s campaign has been plagued by incompetence and sheer laziness throughout the last year, and despite many warnings from political analysts and experienced party veterans, the Republican National Convention has put this incompetence on an international stage and shined bright lights on its pathetic face.

Melania Trump’s speech plagiarism may have been just sheer laziness on the part of Trump staffers, who couldn’t be bothered to check their work.

Conservative Radio Host Charlie Sykes referred to Donald Trump’s incompetence as “weapons grade incompetence” in an interview with MSNBC on Wednesday, saying:

‘There’s incompetence and then there’s weapons grade incompetence which is then compounded by sending out all of these staffers to spin these ridiculous — it’s My Little Pony and all of this, and everything.’

Bloomberg Politics reported a “series of misstep” during the Trump campaign in June, including the failure to fill key positions within the campaign, such as traveling press secretary and communications director. In response, Trump hired Michele Bachman’s 2012 campaign manager, Keith Nahigian, which gives you an idea of just how seriously he is taking his presidential campaign.

This isn’t the first major email gaffe for The Orange One’s campaign, either. In April, Daily Wire reported that the campaign had sent out an email to supporters to sign up to be delegates in Washington State. But the campaign sent the email out to supporters in Washington D.C. instead — and sent it two days after the registration deadline.


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Always seemingly a day late and a dollar short, Trump’s own children, Ivanka and Eric, were unable to vote for him in the New York primary because they had missed the registration deadline.

And as for a dollar short, the Trump campaign just squeaked in with barely $1.3 million in its coffers at the end of May, compared to the $42 million in Hillary Clinton’s cash on hand.

Donald Trump and his campaign come off as amateur, despite the money, the advisers, and all the free publicity Trump has received from an overawed media. It’s a bit frightening to think about how Donald Trump’s incompetence could come into play in his plan to run the country when he and his staff can’t handle a simple email blast.

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