Florida Judge Goes On Insanely Racist Tirade: ‘Get On A Ship & Go Back To Africa’ (VIDEO)


Jacksonville, Florida’s Circuit Judge Mark Hulsey faces an investigation into wildly inappropriate comments he allegedly directed towards African Americans and women during proceedings.

The New York Daily News reports on the exact nature of the allegations:

‘During a conversation with a staff lawyer, Hulsey said black people should “go get back on a ship and go back to Africa,” according to the JQC report. Hulsey also is accused of referring to a staff attorney as a “b—h,” and also used the word “c–t,” according to the [Florida] Times-Union.’

Hulsey responded and, in true Republican form, was concerned with little besides making sure the allegations didn’t hurt his re-election campaign.

He began in an email published in the Florida Times Union:

‘[The] false allegations have been a poorly kept secret hanging over me like a cloud for months. I am pleased the JQC (Florida Judicial Qualifications Commission) has concluded its initial investigation and that I will now have an opportunity to respond to them in a public forum.’

Hulsey wasn’t finished though. He went on, according to the New York Daily News:

‘That will allow the challenger in my reelection campaign to continue using these baseless allegations in his attacks against me. I’m counting on my reputation for impartiality, integrity and honesty to help voters and my long-time supporters see through these dirty political tactics.’

Hulsey’s charges come in the middle of the dramatic decay of the Republican Party, exemplified by their presidential nominee, Donald Trump.

Trump has kept up his long history of sick sexism throughout his presidential campaign, which he kicked off with a sexism-tinged dispute with Fox News host Megyn Kelly.

On top of that dispute, and the continued sexism and racism with which Trump has marked his territory in this election cycle, three women have accused him of sexual assault.

So racism and sexism are popular these days, at least among certain segments of the population. Those among whom it is popular, though, are fewer than you might suspect.

According to nearly all available models, along with most polls, the party of racism and sexism is looking at a resounding defeat in November come election day.

Check out a video report on the incident with Judge Hulsey below.

Featured Image via Screenshot, New York Daily News