Hillary Clinton Delayed VP Announcement Because She Was Doing What Trump Never Would (IMAGE)


Remember yesterday when presumptive democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton took forever and a day to officially announce her pick for a running mate in Virginia senator Tim Kaine? Media outlets were waiting on pins and needles to run their announcement stories, and Americans were waiting to hear if all the rumors were true.

So what took Hillary so long to make her long-waited announcement? Contrary to popular belief, she was not polishing her jewels or sharpening her horns, she was taking a moment to pay her respects to the 49 victims of the Pulse nightclub shootings in Orlando, Florida.

Screengrab via CNN

Hillary was visibly moved during her visit to the makeshift memorial that has been set up in the nightclub parking lot. The fences set up to keep people from the crime scene have been used to display messages of love and compassion from around the country.

Media outlets are speculating as to whether or not the Republican presidential nominee, Donald Trump, would do the same thing. And the answer is, quite simply, yes. If he had any notion that appearing at mass shooting memorials during possibly the biggest week in the election would get him more media coverage, he would have beat Hillary to it.

Even Hillary’s staff was told they would have to wait to hear about her asking Tim Kaine to take the seat on her winning ticket.

Some people are saying that Hillary did this as a strategic move to garner attention, and to soften the very rough perception that the public seems to have of her. Some say that Hillary took a little too long to visit the scene of the largest mass shooting in American history, but the Commissioner of Orlando, Ruby Cramer, was very thankful to Hillary for letting the dust settle before visiting.

Hillary has an enormous amount of Republican scrutiny and mud-slinging to look forward to in her near and distant future, as this is just the beginning of the certain headache she has ahead of her.