Trump Thought It Was A Good Idea To Attack Elizabeth Warren Today, BIG MISTAKE (TWEETS)


Donald Trump tried to beat up Senator Elizabeth Warren because she was not chosen for Hillary Clinton’s vice-president. However, as easily as she would flick a gnat from her shoulder, the senator exterminated him, crushing him into the ground.

The Twitter master seems to think that he can take Warren out with his rapid-action thumb movement, but she just laughs at him every time. He has no idea who he is up against. Warren is a consumer activist, dedicated to working families, and an economic wizard. Not only does she teach law at Harvard University, but she also single-handedly created the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

‘President Obama asked her to set up the new agency to hold Wall Street banks and other financial institutions accountable, and to protect consumers from financial tricks and traps often hidden in mortgages, credit cards and other financial products.’

You would think that the 70-year-old presidential candidate might have matured some throughout his campaign, but his tweets belie that myth. In this most recent attack, Trump tried to make fun of Warren for not winning the vice presidential slot for Hillary Clinton. He tried to slur her, but Trump must not understand what a hero Pocahontas was:

Name-calling and bullying are not attractive on an eight-year-old, and they are far less attractive on a 70-year-old. Warren responded sarcastically to Trump on Stephen Colbert‘s “Late Show”:

‘Poor little billionaire.’

That phrase fits perfectly here as well, as Warren continued in her thought-provoking class act:

While many progressives are trying to come to terms with a Tim Kaine vice-presidency, Warren has moved forward. She is well aware of the important role she will play in getting a Democrat into the White House, and she is able to rise above the emotional level — and any disappointment she may or may not feel — to speak out against Trump.

After all, Warren grew up the hard way. In Oklahoma, her family fell on hard times after her father suffered a heart attack. That humble beginning, coupled with growing up with three brothers, taught her how to survive. Compared to those experiences, Trump is no more than a gnat to be squished.

What a woman!

Featured Image: Edward Kimmel via Flickr, Creative Commons License.
H/T: New Century Times.