Chaos Erupts On NYC Subway After Trump Supporter Attacks Black Woman For Not Giving Up Seat


A blatantly racist man, who kept shouting “Donald Trump 2016” on a subway car in Manhattan, goes off on a woman after he couldn’t find a seat. In this beautiful age of technology, it was all caught on film.

Anyone who has ever ridden the subway before, especially in Manhattan, knows that during peak hours it’s not exactly unusual to end up having to stand. The subway is incredibly popular and used by most residents in the city.

What kind of a person would go on a rant all over something that happens commonly, to everybody? Someone who probably thinks they’re a little bit better than everyone else. Someone who thinks that perhaps the color of their skin makes them better than people who, say, have a different shade of skin. A racist. And yes, not shockingly, also a Trump supporter.

The incident took place on the L train and was recorded by a fellow passenger with his cell phone, right after the man started calling the woman he was arguing with a “c***,” repeatedly.

The man, who is sporting a cream colored suit, hat, and shoes with a bright pink shirt then screams at the woman to, “sit down c***!” He continues with even less creative name calling, telling the woman she is a “beached whale.”

Another woman can be seen in the video, who appears to be traveling with the man. The woman, who the man had been shouting at, appears to tell his female friend that she should have him arrested. The woman then takes her seat, after telling the man he’s scared, and by all outward appearances the fight seems to be over.

To his companion’s credit, she appears to be trying to calm him and says, “stop it, enough.” The man then stomps his foot, not unlike an angry toddler, and points at the women he’d been arguing with and says, “Put them back in the f****** fields where they belong!” His companion then tells him, “That’s enough.” But the woman he’s arguing with says, “Yes. You’ve revealed exactly who you are.”

The man’s companion continues to try and calm him, saying that, “Some people are not worth it.” But the woman he shouted obscenities at and made racist remarks toward quickly adds, “No, he’s not worth it!”

It really didn’t stop there though. The camera goes off, but goes back on as the racist little man is back for more action. After hurling more obscenities and names he gets right in the face of the woman, who is now sitting, screaming, “Come for me, b****!” Which is when his companion, gets him out of the woman’s face and leads him off of the train.

You can see both videos, spliced together, below in their entirety:

Featured Image via Screen Capture