Donald Trump Statements Were Run Through A ‘Fact Checker’, Results Are Mind-Boggling (DETAILS)


The Pulitzer prize-winning, nonpartisan fact-checking outlet Politifact released a mid-year report earlier this month that covered all politicians involved in the 2016 election. The facts presented give a clear insight into which candidates are telling the truth and which ones are lying.

To put it bluntly, if this were a contest for who has told the most lies to the American public in the race for office, Republican presidential nominee Donald J. Trump would win by a huge margin.

Out of the 158 Trump claims checked by PolitiFact, there were 95 that were rated “False” or “Pants on Fire.” That’s 60 percent. But if you include the statements Trump has made that were deemed “mostly false,” that brings the percentage up to 78.

That already sounds awful, but consider this as well: According to PolitiFact:

‘Trump has more statements rated Pants on Fire, 30, than the 21 other candidates for president we’ve fact-checked this cycle combined’

The second place person on that list, Ben Carson, wasn’t even close in the “Pants on Fire” category, with only 4.

Just to be totally fair, Donald Trump was fact checked the most out of the list of candidates. Out of the 650 total facts checked by PolitiFact, 158 of them were from Trump. Presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton was fact checked on only 120 facts.

The reason that PolitiFact gave for fact-checking Trump more often is that:

‘He made himself more available on television in the early part of his campaign than his Democratic or Republican rivals. Trump also participated in more debates than either of the top Democratic contenders.’

It should be pointed out that Trump was fact checked more — 38 times to be exact — than Clinton, and Politifact absolutely did get to pick which statements to fact check. Their site wasn’t intended to fact check every and all statements made by either potential nominee, but regardless, the margin between them when it comes to making false statements is pretty vast.

However, the folks at PolitiFact aren’t the only ones who are finding Trump lying more than the people he’s run against during this presidential race. Out of 46 Trump statements checked by The Washington Post Fact Checker, 32 were found to be false.

Featured Image via Gage Skidmore/Flickr, available under a Creative Commons license.