Fox News Has Complete Meltdown After Rachel Maddow RIPS Into Trump Over Racism (VIDEO)


Rachel Maddow knows how to cut to the heart of political insanity, and she did just that when she made an important point about the white supremacist leaders and their ilk who endorse Donald Trump. She said that a Trump presidency could be like a “gateway drug,” helping KKK ideologies make it into the mainstream:

‘[A] lot of people who are critical of Donald Trump generally look at praise like that from someone like [David] Duke and wonder if he’s a gateway drug, if there is something beyond Donald Trump himself, that means a much greater transformation of the Republican Party into something that is going to be new to mainstream politics.’

David Duke is a former Grand Wizard of the KKK, a former Louisiana State Representative, and a convicted felon. He is a fervent Trump supporter, and his tweeted commentary on Trump’s speeches has been getting him attention and followers on the social media site.

During a Fox News election update, guest Ryan Girdusky was absolutely furious. He pretty much laid into Maddow’s mere mention of Duke’s name.

‘It’s the same group of people who ALWAYS accuse Republicans of fear-mongering but then mention David Duke every thirty seconds that they possibly can. Um, these are the people who have a ventured [sic] interest in making sure that Americans have this over-hyphened [sic] sense of reality when it comes to issues of race, of gender, and sex and race-baiting and angry cops and they’ll never feature a story where the perpetrator doesn’t fit the narrative.’

When speaking of his travels over the country and interactions with other Republicans, Girdusky said this:

‘No-one has ever mentioned David Duke in my life. He has no relevancy to anyone on the right. Only people like Rachel Maddow has these wet fantasies, wet dreams about David Duke and what is he talking about and how is he realigning America into this white nationalist worldview. This is not Donald Trump. Donald Trump has a Jewish daughter for crying out loud… It’s preposterous. It’s asinine… it’s always 1939 in these people’s world views.’

Watch the full video from Fox News below.

Featured image is a screen capture from the video.