Ivanka Trump’s ‘America First’ Clothing Line EXPOSED, Guess Where It’s REALLY Made?


To anyone who has been following the 2016 election, we’re sure it isn’t too surprising to find out that Donald Trump is a hypocrite of the highest order. The GOP nominee seems to have no real principles and changes his positions at the drop of a hat. However, he has consistently railed against free trade deals. His opposition to agreements like NAFTA have been a cornerstone of his campaign. He even famously swore off Oreos due to Nabisco moving production to Mexico.

Trump’s firm anti-cookie stance aside, though, how committed has he really been to his “Made in America” message? Well, we know that Trump’s clothing line is made overseas. It’s true that his line of men’s clothing predates his presidential aspirations, but the billionaire also hasn’t announced any plans to move production to the US.

The GOP nominee isn’t the only person selling clothing that isn’t made in the U.S. Shortly after her speech at the Republican National Convention, Ivanka Trump sent out a tweet promoting her dress. Interestingly enough, the tweet links to Macy’s, which is a store that her father has urged his supporters to boycott. Apparently, his favorite daughter didn’t get that message. Choice of retailer aside, there is another very interesting detail about this dress: It is imported.

Attacking a candidate over where his daughter’s clothing line is made would normally be going too far. As far as we know, Trump is not in charge of his daughter’s clothing line and doesn’t decide where the products are made. All that being said, though, most candidates don’t normally have their children as headline speakers at a major political convention. Nor do those children normally promote products that are in direct contradiction to one of the core messages of their father’s campaign.

By having his children as keynote speakers at the RNC, Trump has made them fair game for criticism and made their actions a reflection of him. Ivanka’s dress, along with her father’s own clothing line, proves that the GOP nominee’s stance on free trade and concern for American jobs is nothing more than campaign rhetoric.

Featured image via Getty Images.