Bernie Sanders Delegates Defiantly Shout ‘Lock Her Up!’ At DNC (VIDEO)

Shouts of “Lock Her Up!” echoed through the Wells Fargo Center early this morning as Bernie Sanders delegates disrupted speakers at the delegates breakfast Monday.


Enraged Bernie Sanders delegates were not to be ignored Monday when they staged a protest of their own at the Democratic National Convention.

Shouts of “Lock Her Up!” echoed through the Wells Fargo Center early this morning as Bernie Sanders supporters booed their own candidate’s endorsement of presumptive nominee Hillary Clinton.

According to The Washington Examiner, Bernie Sanders delegates from California disrupted the delegate breakfast Monday morning by chanting “Lock her up!” The chants reflect the rage felt by Sanders supporters after WikiLeaks released over 20,000 emails that indicated that the Democratic National Committee intentionally and strategically blocked Sanders’ nomination.

The chant also reflects those from conservatives and Trump supporters at the Republican National Convention last week in response to Hillary Clinton’s email scandal regarding the use of a privately owned server for use in State Department communications.

The delegates’ breakfast Monday morning was interrupted by hundreds of Sanders supporters. Scheduled to appear at the event, Alex Padilla, California Secretary of State, attempted to speak while chants of “You got served!” and “Count the votes!” issued from the enraged supporters. Nancy Pelosi was also scheduled to speak, and much of it was inaudible due to chants of “Bernie! Bernie!” and “Lock her up!”

Betsy Woodruff, politics reporter for The Daily Beast, noted the disruption in a Twitter post.

California delegate, Bruce Jones, commented on the disenfranchised Democrats:

‘I think we’d all like to see an effort towards unity but we need to figure out how to be welcomed into the Party. I have no idea how they’re going to work it out, they’re going to have to pull magic tricks.

‘This is like a shotgun wedding, the Clintons haven’t done enough to court the Sanders people. We haven’t even wanted to date.’

The delegation from California has the largest number of Sanders delegates at the convention in Philadelphia. Sanders delegates have been gathering signatures to have the Vermont senator placed in the nomination, a move that seems to have been successful.

Sanders delegate, Margarita LaCabe said:

‘Nancy Pelosi is trying to scare us into voting for Hillary with chants of “Trump, Trump, Trump!” She could change her Trump superdelegate vote and go Bernie, it would be the right thing to do … but if you want to beat Trump, you need Bernie.”

SF Gate spoke with Pelosi after her speech at the event ended in a debacle:

Bernie Sanders supporters outside of the convention held protests outside the venue on Sunday, and also used the “Lock her up!” chant to express their displeasure.

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