Democratic National Convention Kickoff — LIVE COVERAGE


Bipartisan Report is bringing you live coverage from the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia. Keep posted throughout the day for the latest events and scenes from the City of Brotherly Love.

Here’s what happened when Dylan Kelly got off the plane yesterday at Philadelphia International Airport. There are volunteers greeting guests all over the city. Many are confident that Philadelphia will be a great host for this year’s festivities.

Many in the city, however, are also here to protest and to demonstrate the strength of their emerging movements. There are thousands of Bernie Sanders supporters in the city ready to participate in marches, rallies, and protests.

In the video below is acclaimed documentary filmmaker and notable Bernie surrogate Josh Fox. Fox is leading a rally in Vernon Park to demand action on climate change. He is also joined by a performance from singer-songwriter Nahkoh Bear.

There is a protest going on at Philadelphia City Hall. Many “Bernie or Bust” activists are taking to the streets with signs saying things like “Bernie or Jill” or “Never Hillary.” Most of them are alleging that the election was rigged from the beginning, and the recent DNC email link by WikiLeaks only seems to be reinforcing this notion further for these protestors.

Here is some footage from the protest:

Also spotted at city hall was Vermin Supreme, a New Hampshire performance artist and presidential candidate who campaigns on a platform of “free ponies for everybody!” Here’s a quick interview with Supreme, where he makes his pitch to the American People:


Mayor of Baltimore Stephanie Rawlings Blake officially gaveled in the convention shortly after 4:30 PM.

A massive “March 4 Our Lives” has taken place, with protestors marching from Philadelphia City Hall to Franklin Delano Roosevelt park. Many were supporters of both Bernie Sanders and Dr. Jill Stein, the Green Party candidate for POTUS. Here is footage from Dylan Kelly, who walked with the protestors for around 3.5 miles


Featured image via Getty.