BREAKING: Wikileaks Floors Clinton Campaign, Promises To Unload These Emails Soon (VIDEO)


Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, said Tuesday that they may release “A lot more material” on the U.S. elections. His whistleblower website has already released a massive trail of emails that proved the Democratic National Committee [DNC] was biased toward Hillary Clinton.

Assange spoke to CNN after his organization released almost 20,000 emails, which were illegally hacked from the DNC. He refused to confirm or deny that the hackers were Russian, because Wikileaks tries to protect its sources:

‘Perhaps one day the source or sources will step forward and that might be an interesting moment. Some people may have egg on their faces. But to exclude certain actors is to make it easier to find out who our sources are.’

The U.S. government suspects that the Russian government is guilty, because President Vladimir Putin believes that Clinton interfered in his elections. However, the Kremlin rejected all claims that it is liable for the hacks. Its suggestion is that the U.S. ordered the emails released for the “usual fun and games” in the U.S. election campaigns.

There is no love lost between Putin and Clinton. His anger at her feeds his desire to embarrass her both personally and professionally, to the point that he wants to undermine her presidential race.

The basis for his anger originated when Clinton criticized Putin, comparing him to Hitler and saying he has no soul.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said:

‘This is not really good for bilateral relations.’

Assange is currently living in the Ecuadorian embassy in London, which he is unable to leave, because he would be extradited to Sweden over sexual assault allegations. He told CNN the Democratic Party officials were trying to distract people from what the emails said with the suggestion of Russian involvement.

The emails’ condemnation of Debbie Wasserman Schultz and the DNC on Monday have impacted delegates for Bernie Sanders to the point that they walked out of the party’s convention Tuesday. Assange said:

‘It raises questions about the natural instincts of Clinton that when confronted with a serious domestic political scandal, she tries to blame the Russians, blame the Chinese, et cetera.’

‘Because if she does that while in government, it could lead to problems.’

Check out this just-released video of Julian Assange commenting on Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Convention:

Featured Image: News Online via Flickr, Creative Commons License.