Donald Trump Makes STUNNING Response To Michelle Obama’s Brilliant DNC Speech (VIDEO)


On a normal day, Donald Trump is the worst Republican troll come to life and given a national media platform from which to spew his hateful rhetoric. After more than a year of listening to Trump’s vile insults of anyone who has anything less than glowing praise for his racist, misogynistic, xenophobic speech, everyone expected a massive hissy fit and a stream of insults in response to the First Lady’s DNC speech.

That didn’t happen, though. For once, the grace and class of an amazing woman finally shut Trump’s mouth. When asked by The Hollywood Reporter about his take on night one of the DNC, Trump said that he wasn’t impressed, except for Michelle Obama’s amazing speech.

‘I thought her delivery was excellent. I thought she did a very good job. I liked her speech.’

Perhaps he missed the FLOTUS’s subtle slam of his campaign rhetoric and tactics so far.

‘The issues a president faces are not black and white, and cannot be boiled down into 140 characters.’

Without ever mentioning Donald Trump’s name, First Lady Michelle Obama took on his bullying and name-calling. She also delivered a reminder that this is what our children would see and learn from a president named Donald Trump, referencing her own children and the lessons they’ve been taught.

‘We insist that the hateful language they hear from public figures on TV does not represent the true spirit of this country […] We explain that when someone is cruel or acts like a bully, you don’t stoop to their level. No, our motto is, when they go low, we go high.’

Donald Trump couldn’t have missed the references to his tactics. He couldn’t have missed the subtle reminder from the First Lady that, despite Trump’s wealth, he is outclassed on every level by our current president and his wife.

Michelle Obama could have slammed Trump for his years-long campaign to inflame negative sentiment from right-wing nutjobs by insisting that our president was a shady Muslim born in Kenya. She could have mentioned his three wives, his stint on reality television, and his multiple failed businesses. Instead, she followed her family’s motto to the letter.

She took the high road, and in doing so, she shut the biggest mouth in the Republican party with style and class to spare.

Relive Michelle Obama’s amazing DNC speech below:

Featured image screengrab via YouTube