Donald Trump REFUSING To Pay His Hotel Bill After Campaign Stop, The Reason Is INSANE (DETAILS)


Republican Nominee and Presidential hopeful, Donald Trump, is proving to America yet again that crying to get your way and refusing to pay others is the true Republican way to get by in life. During a gathering at The Hotel Roanoke in Roanoke, Virginia, Trump stopped in the middle of his speech to throw a tantrum about the room being hot.

Huffington Post quotes Trump crying,

‘See how hot it is? Everyone’s sweating and soaking wet.’

and then continues that he,

‘wouldn’t pay the hotel.’

This should come to no surprise as Trump is notorious for not paying people when money is due. As head of his many failed businesses, and even those that have flourished, he has refused to pay many of the small businesses he hired. In one instance, a small glass company almost went out of business because as Trump’s business went bankrupt, he refused to pay his bills.

According to USA Today, even more recently Trump has refused to pay workers at his golf course overtime for an event. This resulted in a lawsuit where Trump was ordered by a judge to pay for the hours worked. This case closely resembles the cases in California and New York where Trump yet again treated his workers poorly by refusing to let them take breaks and not giving them the tips they earned.

The Hotel Roanoke did not take lightly to Trump’s claims and issued a response. WDBJ7 reports them stating,

In regards to Donald Trump’s statements made during the Town Hall event: The Hotel Roanoke & Conference Center’s HVAC system was on and working properly throughout the event to provide a comfortable environment for all in attendance.’

They however do acknowledge that,

Temperatures in the mid to upper 90’s, doors opened for two hours to let hundreds of attendees enter and the ballroom filled to capacity did present a challenge, however, Hotel staff did everything possible to keep guests comfortable and accommodated, both inside and out.’

Police officers passed out water bottles to those waiting in line outside, while the nice  cool air flowed out the doors of the once comfortable room. Trump’s intellect is challenged when basic equilibrium functions come into play. It is still unknown if Trump has in fact paid the hotel or if he truly believes throwing a fit about the air conditioner pardons him.

Watch his tantrum below!

Video courtesy of Fox 10 Phoenix via YouTube

Image Source: Flickr with a Creative Commons license