Iraq War Widow Scammed By Trump University Speaks Out, Trump Campaign FURIOUS! (VIDEO)


A Donald Trump supporter’s biggest reason for supporting their candidate is Trump’s perceived business acumen. A fabulously wealthy businessman would surely be good for the country, right? After all, according to Trump, “You have to be wealthy to be great,” and Trump wants to “make America great again.” A man who knows how to become wealthy will help us all become wealthy when he shares that business acumen with the country.

That’s exactly what Cheryl Lankford thought. But at the Democratic National Convention, she shared what resulted from that belief.

Lankford lost her husband while he served in combat during the Iraq War, leaving Lankford a widow with a child to support. Her backup plan was influenced by the promises of that businessman who knew how to become wealthy and was going to help her do the same. Doesn’t that promise sound familiar?

‘When you lose a spouse, you know that your life will change forever. You know that it won’t be easy. But I didn’t expect that on top of grieving the loss of my husband and trying to take care of my baby, I would also be the victim of a scam.’

Lankford used her widow’s benefits, which she knew would not support her and a child for long unless she found a way to turn it into real income, to sign up for Trump University. What happened after she did so is the same result America is likely to get from believing Trump’s promises to “make America great again.”

‘I signed for Trump University because I thought I could learn something from him. But when he decided to make himself even richer by cheating working people who had nothing to spare. What kind of a man does that?’

The same kind of man who does that will make false promises to the rest of the country. He’ll promise to fix our problems and help the entire country become wealthy, but then leave us all in the same position that Lankford found herself in.

‘This election isn’t about Democrat versus Republican; it’s about right versus wrong. It’s about someone who helps ordinary people no matter what it takes versus someone who helps himself no matter who it hurts. Donald Trump made big promises about Trump University, and I was fooled into believing him.’

It’s a lesson learned. Let’s just hope the rest of the country will not have to learn it the same way Cheryl Lankford did.

Featured image screengrab via YouTube.