JUST IN: CNN Reporter John King Caught On Hot Mic During DNC Disparaging ‘Black Lives Matter’


Monday night during the Democratic National Convention, while Mayor of Philadelphia Jim Kinney was speaking, CNN reporter John King can be heard on mic laughing and saying, “Irish Lives Matter.”

The context is important to note, as this comment came during a certain part of Mayor Kinney’s speech:

‘On behalf of the great people of this city, welcome to Philadelphia. Philadelphia is the city that makes history and we’re ready to do it again when this convention nominates the first woman president of the United States.’

‘Today, however, I want to share a Philadelphia story you probably don’t know. In 1844 an early version of the Know Nothing political party held a rally here to protest the threat that Irish Catholic immigrants posed to the American way of life. They claimed that these immigrants, people like my family, were more likely to commit crimes than native born citizens.’

‘Does that sound familiar?’

It’s during that last sentence that King can be heard chuckling and saying:

‘It’s the Irish Lives Matter movement.’

There is no statement at this time from CNN regarding the comment, which King most likely made thinking that his mic was turned off.

See the moment caught by CNN’s cameras here:


Unfortunately for King, with the huge audience tuning in from around the country, lots of people noticed his “joke.”

Featured Image via Screen Capture