JUST IN: Demonstrations Erupts Inside DNC, #BernieOrBust Delegates Walkout Of Arena (VIDEO)


In breaking news, Bernie Sanders supporters just organized a “yuge” #BernieorBust walkout during the Democratic National Convention [DNC]. His delegates are abandoning the Wells Fargo Center in large groups, protesting the DNC’s bias toward Hillary Clinton throughout the entire primary.

NPR’s Asma Khalid caught the Sanders supporters on a tweeted video after the nomination vote as they chanted:

‘Walk out! Walk out!’

NBC News’s Monica Alba also captured a video tweet of Sanders’ passionate supporters as they abandoned the center, holding signs as they chanted:

‘Show me what Democracy looks like! This is what Democracy looks like!’

During the Monday night speeches, Sarah Silverman did a brief dual routine with Senator Al Franken of Minnesota. After her solo speech, the comedian ad libbed:

‘To the Bernie or Bust crowd, you’re being ridiculous’

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews dismissively referred to the Bernie supporters, who had just been hit with the Wikileaks emails proving the DNC’s bias toward Clinton, as “unreachables.” That phrase is way too close to the term “untouchables.”

The Sanders delegates also organized a protest at the DNC’s media tent after Clinton’s nomination, according to teleSUR English. Some of those delegates are holding a silent protest and wearing black gags, according to US Uncut.

At the DNC gates, the delegates are chanting:

’Hell no DNC, we won’t vote for Hillary’ [and] ‘Hey hey, ho ho, the DNC has got to go!’

A Sanders delegate from New York, Katherine Brezler, told US Uncut:

‘There’s a coalition of 57 whips and more talking to press, with at least that many delegates with them.’

The Ohio delegates for #BernieOrBust claimed the DNC threatened them with revoking their credentials if they protested:

‘The Democrats don’t care about the 99 percent.’

Clinton has been meeting with Sanders and the Democratic National Committee to find a way to unite the party, in spite of the WikiLeaks emails portraying the DNC as anything but neutral in its efforts to nominate Clinton over Sanders.

After the delegates offered their verbal votes in the nomination process, Sanders gave Clinton the formal nomination. The nominee has chosen to wait until Thursday night to give her acceptance speech in an effort to soothe tensions.

So far, the peaceful demonstrators are still seething.

Featured Image: WNYC Twitter Page.
H/T: US Uncut.