Trump Advisor ATTEMPTS To Link Benghazi To Michelle Obama’s DNC Speech -Gets Humiliated!

Donald Trump surrogate makes lame attempt to tie First Lady's convention speech to Benghazi on CNN.


Donald Trump surrogate and supporter, Jeffrey Lord, made a pathetic attempt to tie the amazingly inspirational convention speech from First Lady Michelle Obama to the attacks on the American embassy in Benghazi, Libya.

During the CNN coverage of the Democratic National Convention on Monday evening, a panel of commentators were discussing the influence that Mrs. Obama has had during her tenure in the White House. CNN commentator Paul Begala had nothing but praise for our First Lady:

‘Mrs. Obama is a unifying figure and she is seen as deeply patriotic…

‘She has focused on things that we all agree on, that we all care about, especially those military families. And so when she stands up and says, “I trust her,” this person who is polarizing, and partisan and a politician, she says “I trust her with my children,” this just is really powerful.’

At that point, Lord, former member of the Reagan administration and Trump enthusiast, jumped into the conversation from far stage right (literally and figuratively):

‘But, you know, Pat Smith trusted her son to Mrs. Clinton’s care, Secretary Clinton’s care in Benghazi, and she didn’t take care of him.’

Host Begala told Lord that it was a “cheap shot,” and then asked Lord if he knew how many American embassies and consulates had been attacked under George W. Bush. Lord admitted that he didn’t know. Begala knew exactly.

‘Twenty. Sixty-six people were killed. How many congressional investigations? Zero. How many front-page stories? Zero.

‘This is exactly the kind of thing makes me crazy. This was a terrible tragedy.’

As soon as Lord tried to respond, Begala shut him down. Referring to Secretary Clinton, Begala said:

‘It’s been investigated. She was cleared even by the partisan super PAC of the Republican House of Representatives, and even they cleared her.’

Jeffry Lord is known for having made a complete jackass of himself on CNN prior to this occasion. During the Republican Super Tuesday primary in March, Lord referred to the KKK as a “terrorist arm of the Democratic Party.”

Conservatives have beaten this dead horse to a pulp, despite numerous investigations and millions of dollars being wasted to pin the ultimate responsibility for the death of four diplomats on presumptive Democratic nominee and former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton. The Benghazi Research Center, a bipartisan organization under “Correct The Record,” has estimated the cost of investigation at $7 million to date.

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