Whoopi Goldberg TRASHES Bernie Sanders Supporters, Faces Immediate Backlash (VIDEO)


Actress and comedian Whoopie Goldberg blasted the members of the Bernie or Bust movement. Goldberg appeared on the The View to discuss the Democratic National Convention and she attacked those Bernie Sanders supporters who weren’t willing to rally behind Hillary Clinton.

Goldberg explained that she believes the Democratic National Committee exists to help pick the most electable candidate. Certainly, electable was one of Clinton’s core arguments, but the official party apparatus should remain neutral and the National Committee was not neutral.

‘I thought a lot about it. What you said and I think that I believe that the party is going to do whatever they can do to get the most electable candidate elected. I think that’s what they are there to do.’

Golderg also dismissed Clinton’s email scandals by saying everyone does stupid things when it comes to emails and that she would not have a job if people saw her emails. Clinton’s use of a private email server was investigated by the FBI and she was cleared of any wrongdoing.

She also laughed about the system being rigged against a white guy saying “I can’t be mad when the system is rigged against a white guy.” White men do have an advantage in our current political system, but, regardless of the race or gender of the victim, corruption is still something that should be opposed instead of played for laughs.

Goldberg’s final complaint about Sanders hinged on him being a member of the same establishment he opposes.

‘He is the establishment! He has been the establishment. He’s been there since 1998. Show me where the free schools in Vermont are. Show me where they are. Because I get what he wants to do, but I don’t see them! I don’t see that he did Berniecare in Vermont’

There’s several problems with her comments here. For starters, most of Sanders’ career over the past few decades have been at the national level. Perhaps Goldberg is unaware, but a member of the United States Congress has no control over the policy decisions of his state. He can rally public opinion, but that’s about it. She is right that Sanders has been in government for several decades, but that doesn’t make him establishment. He has been fighting for progressive policies his entire career. If he was “establishment” like Clinton, he’d be a much wealthier man.

Goldberg has a right to her opinion and it’s no less valid than anyone else’s, but honestly I’ve never understood why we should care about the opinions of celebrities when it comes to politics. They aren’t any more qualified than the average person off the street.

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