Donald Trump Flips Out On Female Reporter, Angrily Demands She ‘Be Quiet’ (VIDEO)


Donald Trump ordered NBC’s Katy Tur to “be quiet” in the middle of his press conference. After shushing the political reporter Wednesday, the candidate accused Tur of trying to help Hillary Clinton win the election.

NBC assigned Tur to Trump, and she has been traveling with him since the beginning of the primaries. Trump got his back up when Tur asked him if he “had any qualms” about requesting that Russia and other foreign nations release emails they had hacked. The reporter was stunned at Trump’s claim, according to The Hill:

‘Does that not give you pause?’

Trump didn’t even take a breath:

‘Nope. Gives me no pause. If they have them, they have them. We might as well find them.’

Tur tried to ask Trump her follow-up question, but the reporter and the candidate kept interrupting and talking over each other. Then the billionaire slammed Tur:

‘Be quiet. I know you want to save her. That a person in our government, Katy, would delete or get rid of 33,000 emails.’

‘That’s gives me a big problem. After she gets a subpoena. She gets subpoenaed, and she gets rid of 33,000 emails… that gives me a problem.’

‘Now, if Russia or China or any other country, and to be honest with you. I’d love to see ’em.’

Then, instead of allowing Tur to ask her followup, he moved on to another reporter.

After traveling with Trump for the entire political process, Tur has clashed with him on several occasions. Tur was deservedly offended when the real estate mogul referred to her as “little Katy” and “a third-rate journalist” in an attempt to demean her.

Shortly before Trump called his press conference, MSNBC host Tamron Hall defended Tur:

‘You’re not making it personal. You’re a journalist and you’ve been covering the campaign from the beginning.’

‘You have tough skin, but on the day after we saw a 102-year-old woman on the floor applaud the first female nominated to a major party, there you are being told to be quiet by the nominee. I’m not asking you to make this personal, what, though, were you asking?’

Tur responded:

‘Tamron, I’m not good at being quiet and I won’t continue to be quiet in any way, shape, or form.’

‘I was trying to ask him about encouraging Russia to ask into a system or release e-mails for anybody in this country, regardless of whether it’s his political opponent.’

Check out Trump disrespecting Katy Tur in the video below:

Featured Image: IoSonoUnaFotoCamera via Flickr, Creative Commons License, some modification.
H/T: The Hill.