Donald Trump Jr. Gets Attacked On Twitter After He Talks Down To Black Activist (REACTIONS)


Donald Trump’s son, Donald Trump Jr., received a lot of negative attention on Twitter after he chose to post a “complimentary” tweet about young black activist CJ Pearson.

Pearson, 13, is known for his viral attacks of President Obama on YouTube. Pearson also decided in November 2015 that he did not want to aligned with the Republican party. CNN reports that Pearson wrote in an email:

‘I was tired of being a champion of a party that turned a blind eye to racial discrimination. Tired of being a champion of any cause that denies equal rights to every American. Tired of being a champion of a party that doesn’t care about the issues important to young people.’

Despite Pearson’s renouncement of the GOP, he recently came out and endorsed Donald Trump for president. The video Pearson recorded announcing his endorsement can be seen below:

Happy that someone was endorsing his dad, Donald Trump, Jr. posted this tweet about Pearson.

Trump Jr. immediately began receiving backlash on Twitter for his description of Pearson. Some of those reactions can be seen below, along with Trump’s responses.

When someone asked Trump why he was surprised that a young black man was articulate, Trump got defensive.

Someone else asked the younger Trump to clarify what it was about Pearson that surprised him.

Trump responded saying that it was Pearson’s youth that surprised him.

Regardless of whether Trump Jr. intended his tweet to be offensive or not, the elder Trump has a serious issue when it comes to support from African American voters, and Trump Jr.’s tweet certainly didn’t do his father any favors.

This isn’t the first time Trump Jr. has come under fire for saying something racist, either. In February 2016, Trump Jr. said that he would pay for airfare for the African American celebrities who were threatening to leave the country should his father become president.

‘I’ll buy them their airfare. I’m more than happy to chip in.’

Trump Jr. also proved to be something of a disappointment when he delivered a speech at the Republican National Convention that heavily featured the words of conservative writer F.H. Buckley. Trump’s response to questions about his speech? “It wasn’t stealing.”

Perhaps it’s best if Trump Jr. stays out of the spotlight, especially if he wants to have a positive influence on his father’s campaign.

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