Dr. Dre Aggressively Handcuffed By Police In Front Of Own Home After Racist Jerk Makes This Claim


Turns out that celebrities aren’t immune to racial prejudice at the hands of police officers and civilians. Rap mogul Dr. Dre experienced a taste of the unfairness that consumes the black community on Monday in Malibu, California.

It all began when Dre attempted to pull into his driveway, which was blocked by a random white guy sitting in his car. Dre asked the man to move his car, at which time, the white man began hurling insults as he drove away.

It didn’t end there, however. The white man returned to the spot and parked, blocking Dre’s driveway again. That is when the rapper began to record the incident with his cell phone, likely to protect himself from what was to come.

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Screenshot via TMZ

It was reported by Rolling Stone that the white motorist said “Here we go again. Another black guy with a gun,” and called the police to report a strange black man threatening him with a deadly weapon.

Naturally, when a white man calls the police to report a black man exercising his 2nd Amendment rights, five white officers show up to make sure said black guy isn’t a thug looking to kill. Only thing is, there was no gun.

When police arrived, Dre was cuffed and detained while officers investigated the allegations. No weapons were found on Dre, but the angry driver insisted on pressing charges against Dre regardless. The case will be sent to the D.A. who will decided whether or not the case will be dropped.

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Screenshot via TMZ

Sheriff’s Captain Chris Reed said this in a statement to the media:

“Due to the nature of the call, the person was searched, handcuffed, and briefly detained in a patrol car while deputies investigated the incident.”

Imagine for a second that someone called the cop on Dre’s fellow Malibu resident, Caitlyn Jenner. Do you think Jenner would be cuffed and placed in a police car while police assessed whether or not she was dangerous? Um, no.

But because black people are perceived as a natural threat to police and Americans in general, they are harassed and killed on a daily basis in their own country.

Fair? Judge for yourself.

Video courtesy of TMZ: